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DIRT – Short Story about ‘Herd Mentality’

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 28, 2017

Consider a group of friends living in a big house in one of the big cities in the subcontinent. Common rooms of the house are Bathroom, Toilet, Living Room and Kitchen. Total number of people who are staying in this house is ‘eleven’ and each one of them will have their own bedroom. All of them are men and out of which ‘ten’ of them likes playing the sport called Cricket. The one who doesn’t play cricket is named as ODD and the others are named as EVEN_Number (EVEN_1, EVEN_2 etc) in this story. Every week all the EVEN members will be playing cricket in the Sunday evening in the ground which is walkable from their house. Every week someone has to clean the common rooms and this week is ODD’s turn. From this Sunday evening, one more person named NEUTRAL is going to stay in this house (He will be sleeping in the Living Room).

Around 4 pm all the ten EVEN persons started from the house to play cricket in the ground. ODD started cleaning the common rooms. He cleaned all the common rooms and the objects present in it by 7 pm. Around 7.15 pm all the EVEN members reached the home after playing cricket. ODD saw a common thing among all these EVEN members when he opened the door.  All their faces are covered with DIRT. Now ODD was wondering how it is possible for all of them to have a DIRT in their face. His mind was thinking that some big fight might have happened during the play which is common if you play beat matches between the teams. ODD was waiting for others to speak about this. But none of them noted this DIRT on other’s face and most of them are busy in discussing about the matches they played today. ODD thought that once they have taken rest for sufficient amount of time, at least everyone will wash their faces in the bathroom.

After 10 minutes, one by one went to bathroom. All of them washed only their hands and returned to the living room. All their faces still covered with DIRT. This raises curiosity in ODD and he want to let them know this information as everyone is present in the living room. The conversation is as follows,

ODD: Hi, it seems all your faces are covered with DIRT. It seems, you guys forget to wash your face.

EVEN_1 is the first person who went to the bathroom. He just washed his hand and not his face and people have just followed what he has done. Now he got annoyed after hearing ODD’s suggestion.

EVEN_1: ODD, do you know the meaning of DIRT? Define DIRT? What is DIRT? How the DIRT will look like?

Now EVEN_1 got support from EVEN_2.

EVEN_2: He doesn’t know anything about DIRT. Look at his oily and ugly face. He is getting envious because of our looks. So, don’t believe whatever ODD is saying.

Now more than fifty percent of EVEN members started supporting EVEN_1 and EVEN_2. They got annoyed of the ODD suggestions.

EVEN_3, a friend of ODD who used to speak to him regularly went near to ODD in person and started the conversation about the reason behind his suggestions to others.

EVEN_3: Why you said those suggestion to us?
ODD: Don’t you think you guys are having DIRT in your faces?
EVEN_3: Nope. We all look same here. Actually you look odd here compared to us. You might need to wash your face.

Listening to what EVEN_3 said carefully, ODD now thinks that it’s difficult to convince them. But still he wants clarification as this is for the first time he is seeing all their faces are having DIRT.

ODD: Can you explain what happened in the ground today? Any fight happened?
EVEN_3: No fight has happened in the ground. In fact after long time we played three matches today. We could have played an extra match if not the stand storm which came and disrupt the play for 15 mins during the second match.

Now ODD found the root cause of the DIRT problem.

ODD: OK. So don’t you think the stand storm is the reason behind all this (That is DIRT in all your faces)?
EVEN_3: It might be if the DIRT was in our face. But we don’t have any DIRT in our face.
ODD: DIRT was visible in all your faces.
EVEN_3: No. I don’t think so. By the way, why are you not coming to ground with us for playing cricket?
ODD: I am not interested in playing cricket for past 2 years.
EVEN_3: OK. Got it.

Now EVEN_3 explained to other EVEN persons about the perspective of ODD,

EVEN_3: ODD got annoyed with respect to how we reacted to him. Even though, ODD said some valid reason about why all of us are having DIRT, still I am not sure about it. By the way, he doesn’t like playing cricket.

Now EVEN_1 and EVEN_2 started saying to others that,

ODD has started all these stuffs because he doesn’t like playing cricket and he doesn’t want others to play cricket too. Also, he was not following and doing things like what all of us in this house are doing. Now nine out of ten EVEN members agree that ODD is lying and he doesn’t want them to play cricket as every EVEN members are getting entertained compared to ODD by playing the game. Now the overall context got changed.

Still one EVEN person is having a doubt about whether the DIRT is present in his face or not. EVEN_2 found out that EVEN_10 is still not assured like other EVEN members. He got a plan to convince him. There was a mirror present in the hall. So he and EVEN_10 went to check their faces in the mirror. All the others are eagerly waiting for their findings and replies based on the same:

EVEN_2: We have checked both our faces. We found that DIRT is visible in our faces. Then he gave a pause…

Every EVEN members face is turning pale and ODD is slightly getting relieved that finally people are going to understand the truth. EVEN_2 continued now..

EVEN_2: But the DIRT is not in our face. It’s should be in the mirror. Because how come the DIRT will be present in both me and him (EVEN_10). It is impossible. Only common thing between me and him is this mirror. This week is ODD’s turn to do the cleaning work of the common rooms. He didn’t cleaned the mirror properly. I doubt, whether he has done the cleaning work today.

Now the smile is coming on all the EVEN members faces as their belief is correct from their perspective. ODD was perplexed now. He don’t have any words to reply to others. He was totally lost. And then after few seconds, he said that he has cleaned all the rooms an hour back properly including the mirror.

Meanwhile, NEUTRAL along with his luggage’s entered the house. Then by looking at the faces of everyone, he predicted that some big incident has happened. Then he enquired about what has happened till now and heard the stories from all of them. As his name suggests every one eagerly waiting for what he is going to say about this situation.

NEUTRAL: By pointing out to ODD, If I was you, I wouldn’t have bothered all these guys to say things like this. If you don’t like playing cricket don’t say things like this to stop other’s to play the game. I don’t get why you wasted so much time on these things which you don’t even like and trying to stop others in playing this game.

After hearing what NEUTRAL said every EVEN members become joyous. One of the EVEN member asked NEUTRAL for cross-checking the mirror once for confirmation. NEUTRAL ‘S reply for that request is,

NEUTRAL: After 6 pm, I don’t like to see the mirror because of my superstition. Will check tomorrow.

Now every EVEN members started giving more respect NEUTRAL now and they also made one important decision about ODD. That is, from now onwards, NEUTRAL should be moved to ODD’S bed room and ODD should be sleeping in the living room. Except ODD everyone agreed for this move and they have also asked ODD to clean the mirror properly by tonight. Now the time is 9 pm. So few people started preparing dinner and everyone completed their dinner by 11 pm.

After dinner, NEUTRAL moved to ODD’S bedroom. Others went inside their own bedroom’s. ODD has taken his luggage from his room and placed it in the one side of the living room. There was a sofa in the centre of the living room. He was just thinking what has happened between him and his friends for the past few hours. He saw the mirror which was hanging in the wall. He just want to cross check the mirror once whether it has any DIRT like what EVEN_2 said earlier. He went near the wall, taken the mirror in his right hand and checked the same by looking at it.

Mirror looks as clean as it should be without any DIRT.


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England vs Australia 2009,Ashes 2009, 2nd Test score card and REVIEW

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 17, 2009

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Flintoff  Scripts Historic win for England at Lords

Hi,i will review this test match as soon as possible.I added the scorecard of this match below.Will update the review soon.

England vs Australia,2009,2nd test,from July 16-July 20


Toss:England won the toss and decided to bat first

Match Summary:

Day 1 score card:[1st innings:ENG 364-6 after 90 overs],end of day’s play

Day 2 score card:[ENG 425-10 in 101.4 overs ][AUS 156-8 after 49 overs] ,end of day’s play

Day 3 score card:[AUS 215 in 63 overs][2nd innings:ENG 311-6 in 71.2 overs,declared]at stumps.

Target For AUS:522 runs

Day 4 scorecard:[AUS 313-5 in 86 overs ]at stumps

Day 5  scorecard:[AUS 406 in 107 overs]

Match Result:England won the match by 115 runs,and lead the 5 match series 1-0.

Man of the Match(MOM):

Andrew Flintoff

England vs Australia 2009,2nd test Score card played at Lord’s:


England batting:[ 425-10 in 101.4 overs]

Andrew Strauss(captain)—->b Hilfenhaus—>161 runs—>268 balls

Alistair Cook——->lbw Johnson—>95 runs—->147 balls

Ravi Bopara——>lbw Hilfenhaus——>18 runs—->19 balls

Kevin Pietersen—->c Haddin b Siddle—–>32runs—–>42 balls

Paul Collingwood—–>c Siddle b Clarke—->16 runs—->46 balls

Matt Prior—–>b Johnson—->8 runs—->10 balls

Andrew Flintoff—>c Ponting b Hilfenhaus—>4 runs—>10 balls

Stuart Broad——–>b Hilfenhaus—->16 runs—>26 balls

Graeme Swann——->c Ponting b Siddle—–>4 runs—>6 balls

James Anderson—->c Hussey b Johnson—>29 runs—->25 balls

Graeme Onions—->not out—>17 runs—->29 balls

Extras—–>25 runs

Australia Bowling:

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>31 overs—->103 runs—>4 wickets

Mitchell Johnson—–>21.4 overs——->132 runs—>3 wickets

Peter Siddle——>20 overs—>76 runs—->1 wicket

Nathan Hauritz—->8.3 overs—>26 runs—>0 wicket

Marcus North——>16.3 overs—->59 runs—->0 wicket

Michael Clarke—>4overs—>12 runs—>1wicket

Australia Batting:[215 after 63 overs]

Phil Hughes—–>c Prior b Anderson—>4 runs—->9 balls

Simon Katich—–>c Broad b Onions—–>48 runs—–>93 balls

Ricky Ponting(captain)——>c Strauss b Anderson—->2 runs—–>15balls

Mike Hussey—–> b Flintoff—–>51 runs—>91 balls

Micheal Clarke—->c Cook b Anderson——>1 run—->12 balls

Marcus North——>b Anderson——>0 runs——>14 balls

Brad Haddin——>c Cook b Broad—->28 runs—–>38 balls

Mitchell Johnson——>c Cook b Broad—->4 runs—–>11 balls

Nathan Hauritz——>c Collingwood b Onions—->23 runs—–>36 balls

Peter Siddle——>c Strauss b Onions—->35 runs—–>47 balls

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>not out–>6 runs—>14 balls

Extras: 12 runs

England Bowling:

James Anderson—–>21 overs—>55 runs—–>4 wickets

Andrew Flintoff——–>12 overs—>27 runs—–>1 wicket

Stuart Broad——>18 overs—>78 runs—–>2 wickets

Graeme Onions——->11 overs—>41 runs—–>3 wicket

Graeme Swann——->1 over—>4 runs—–> 0 wicket


England batting:[ 311-6 in 71.2 overs,Declared]

Andrew Strauss(captain)—->c Clarke b Hauritz—>32 runs—>48 balls

Alistair Cook——->lbw Hauritz—>32 runs—->42 balls

Ravi Bopara——>c Katich b Hauritz——>27 runs—->93 balls

Kevin Pietersen—->c Haddin b Siddle—–>44 runs—–>101 balls

Paul Collingwood—–>c Haddin b Siddle—->54 runs—->80 balls

Matt Prior—–>run out (North)—->61 runs—->42 balls

Andrew Flintoff—>not out—>30 runs—>27 balls

Stuart Broad——–>not out—->0 run—>0 ball

Extras—–>31 runs

Australia Bowling:

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>19 overs—->59 runs—>0 wicket

Mitchell Johnson—–>17 overs——->68 runs—>0 wicket

Peter Siddle——>15.2 overs—>64 runs—->2 wickets

Nathan Hauritz—->16 overs—>80 runs—>3 wickets

Michael Clarke—>4 overs—>15 runs—>0 wicket

TARGET for AUS:522 runs

Australia Batting:[406-10 in 107 overs]

Phil Hughes—–>c Strauss bFlintoff—>17 runs—->34 balls

Simon Katich—–>cPietersen bFlintoff—–>6 runs—–>5 balls

Ricky Ponting(captain)——> b Broad—->38 runs—–>69 balls

Mike Hussey—–> c Collingwood b Swann—–>27 runs—>63 balls

Micheal Clarke—-> b Swann——>138 runs—->227 balls

Marcus North——>b Swann——>6 runs——>25 balls

Brad Haddin——>c Collingwood b Flintoff—->80 runs—–>130 balls

Mitchell Johnson——> b Swann—->63 runs—–>75 balls

Nathan Hauritz——> b Flintoff—->1 run—–>5 balls

Peter Siddle——>b Flintoff—->7 runs—–>13 balls

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>not out–>4 runs—>4 balls

Extras—–>21 runs

England Bowling:

James Anderson—–>21 overs—>86 runs—–>0 wicket

Andrew Flintoff——–>27 overs—>92 runs—–>5 wickets

Graeme Onions——->9 overs—>50 runs—–>0 wicket

Stuart Broad——>16 overs—>49 runs—–>1 wicket

Graeme Swann——->28 overs—>87 runs—–>4 wickets

Paul Collingwood——->6 overs—>29 runs—–>0 wicket

I will try to update the review as soon as possible.Thanks for reading this post.


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England vs Australia 2009,Ashes 2009, 1st Test score card and REVIEW

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 8, 2009

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Hi,in this post i have reviewed the first test’s play of the Ashes test series took place at Cardiff.Those who are all saying Test Cricket is Boring have to watch this match,because the result of this match have neen decided only in final few minutes of the match.The match ended in a thrilling Draw.I reviewed all the five days of this match and i also  added the scorecards of this match.

1st day’s review:

England’s captain Andrew Strauss has won the toss and he decided to bat on what looks like a good batting track.Alistair cook was the first one to got out by driving the ball which was not up there and he was caught beautifully at Gully by Mike Hussey.Then Bopara joins his captain in the middle and he played some lovely drives in front of wicket,while Strauss played some good shots in square of the wicket.

Mitchell johnson took  the wicket of Strauss,and foxed Bopara with a good slower ball and England lost 3 wickets with scoreboard reading 90.Collingwood joins KP and both of them played their strokes with utmost concentration.They had a good partnership of 138 runs for the 4th wicket and the breakthrough was got by Hilfenhaus by getting rid of Collingwood for well deserved 64.Haddin takes a brilliant catch to complement Hilfenhaus good bowling. KP played a casual shot against Hauritz and got  himself out for 69.

Then comes the big fellow,’Freddie Flintoff came to crease after the fall of KP,joined Prior and they played some aggressive strokes to take the score to 327-5 in 86 overs with 4 overs left in the day.Then came Siddle in the 87th over,and he removed dangerous Flintoff by getting the ball to came back into the right hander and knocked his stumps .Prior who played well for his 56 also got out bowled by Siddle in the penultimate over of the day.At the end of the first day Anderson 2* and Broad 4*were at the crease.The match was in balance at the end of the first day,where England finished with 336 runs while Australia took 7 English wickets.

2nd day’s review:

Resuming the overnight score of 336-7,England trying to get to the score around 400 ,which is a decent score in the first innings.Broad played some lovely shots and England started positively on day2.Broad was dismissed for 19 by Johnson .Then Swann came to the crease and played some flurry of shots, where the Australian bowlers didnt get the rhythm because of this counter attack by Swann.Anderson played well for his 26 from 40 balls.Hauritz took Anderson’s Wicket and break this partnership which cost 68 runs for Australia.Hauritz removed Monty for 4 and finished with 3 wickets in first innings.England scored 435 and  Swann who remained not out at one end, scored a quick fire 47 runs from 40 balls.

In reply to England’s 435 ,Australian’s started of well.Phil Hughes played positively and Katich as usual timing the ball with ease.They put on 60 crucial runs for the opening wicket.Flintoff is the man who got the breakthrough by dismissing Hughes for 36. Then comes the Australian captain,Ricky Ponting at one down and he played some lovely strokes against fast bowlers.His back foot punch and his flicks were superb to watch.Simon Katich played with much purpose and showed his class by scoring a well made century from 214 balls with 8 fours. Ponting also complimented Katich by rotating the strike well against spinners and he scored yet another 100 from 155 balls.So at the end of Day2, Australia finished on a high note with 249-1 in 71 overs,trail by 186 the honours of  Day2 belongs to Australia.

3rd day’s review:

Australia started the Day3 with much purpose of not losing a wicket for the first 10 overs.Due to the overcast conditions the ball is swinging and in the first 14 overs of the day they scored only 28 runs with the loss of Simon Katich.He scored a well made 112 runs and was plumb in front to Anderson’s inswinger.At the fall of this wicket the scorecard reads 299-2 and Australia still trailing by 136 runs.Hussey got out  for 3 ,while trying to drive Anderson’s overpitch ball.He got a faint edge which was neatly caught by Prior.

Ponting continued his good form and played fluently and scored yet another 150.But he lost his wicket to Monty while trying to play the backfoot punch with the spin and got the inside edge and the ball hits the England took three quick wickets for 32 runs.Now the score of Australia is 331-4,still trailing by 104 runs. Clarke and North played cautiously for some overs and then Clarke has started using his feet against spinners to keep the scoreboard moving.

Broad bowled a surprising bouncer to end Clarke‘s innings.Clarke was not fully commited to the pull stroke and got the edge which was gleefully accepted by Prior.He scored a well deserved 83 which contains 9 fours and a six.Because of Bad light the match has stopped early.At stumps North is looking good with the score of 54* and Haddin with the score of 4*.Australia took a lead of 44 runs and Day 3 surely belongs to Australia.

4th day’s review:

Australia started positively on Day4 with some good strokes from Haddin.Because of rain and bad light there are some stoppages and because of this ,Haddin takes the intiative and scored an aggresive century which consists of 3 sixes.North who played second fiddle  in this partnership,scored his century before Haddin. Haddin got out for well made 121,and North scored 123* and Australia declared their first innings with the score of 674-6 and with the lead of 239 runs.

England’s reply in the second innings was not good with opener Cook got out to Mitchell johnson for 6.Cook played across the line where the ball pitches and straightens and hit his pad.Ravi bopara got out for 1 ,because of a rough decision from the umpire, where the ball struck high on his pad and was given lbw to Hilfenhaus .At the end of day4 England struggling at 20-2 to save the match.Day 4 surely belongs to Australia.

5th day’s review:

England has to play another 98 overs to save the match.But they didnt start the day well,where KP well left the well pitched up ball ,with shattered the offstump and Hilfenhaus was in cloud 9.England also lose Strauss for 17 and Prior for 14 where score card reads  70-5 in 26.3 overs.England has to play another 80 overs to draw this match which it seems impossible at this point.But the man for crisis and ever dependable Paul Collingwood played one of the innings of his life had got a valuable 74 runs and he batted almost for 6 hrs(exactly,344 mins).He had a decent partnerships with ‘Freddie‘ who scored 26 runs,Broad who made 14 but he played vital 47 balls for that runs.

The turning point of the match for me is the partnership between Swann and Paul .The partnership worth 62 runs but the main thing to note is that it took around 21 overs to get this runs.Atlast Swann got out to Hilfenhaus for 31.He tried to pull the ball which was short enough to pull ,but because of lack of bounce the ball kept low and he was trapped plumb in front.

Then comes Anderson,who has a good defensive technique played with much purpose.These two,paul and james eats up another 7 overs and when just 11.4 overs left in the match,Collingwood played his first false shot in this innings ,by trying to cut the ball away from the body and Hussey took the catch in rebound at gully.Siddle took the wicket.

Monty came to the crease after the fall of Paul Collingwood and he and Anderson played with tight defensive technique and there was some tension mounting for Ponting to get rid of this partnership.Ponting tried all his strike bowlers but they didnt get the desired result because of some good common sense shown by Anderson and Monty, by playing the ball with straight bat.I have been surprised to see Monty’s batting in this match because normally he is ‘dasher’.But the way he applied himself to the match situation was good to see.With 10 mins left in the play,England send a 12th man to change the pair off gloves to Anderson.And after the end of one over once again 12thman and physio came to check Anderson’s status.England saved the match by didnt lose the last wicket in this  last 10 mins and also the last 11.3 overs.All credit should go to Monty and Anderson for saving this match for England.But the way the last 10 mins was played by England was not good from the cricketing(spirit of cricket) point of view.

Match discussion:

Ponting after the end of the match in press conference raised some concerns about the way last 10 mins was played by England,

“I don’t think it was required, he(Anderson) changed [the gloves] the over before and I don’t think they’d be too sweaty in one over, I’m not sure what the physio was doing out there. I didn’t see anyone call for the physio to come out. As far as I’m concerned, it was pretty ordinary, really. But they can play whatever way they want to play. We came to play by the rules and the spirit of the game. It’s up to them to do what they want to do”

This was England Captain Andrew Strauss reply to Ponting’s comments,

“There was a lot of confusion, to be fair .We first of all sent the 12th man out to let Jimmy and Monty know there was time left, and not the overs. Then there was drink spilled on Jimmy’s gloves, and he called up to the dressing room and we weren’t sure if he needed 12th man or physio. If Ricky is upset, that’s a shame”.

From my point of view i wont accept Strauss’s comments because the 12th man came before the start of 102nd over.The first ball of that over was faced by Anderson and he scored a single by playing the cut shot of the bowling of off spinner North . The remaining five balls was faced by Monty.This scenario leads me to ask the following two questions.

*Is  there any chance that Anderson  got injury because of that cut shot against an off spinner North?

*so why the Physio came to the Ground after the end of the 102nd over?

These situations(last 10 mins) were vital because it will change the course (or) the result of the/this  series.Consider the following matches which was ended as thrillers in the year 2008 and 2009 .

*Aus vs Ind,Result in penultimate over in 2008 at Sydney.

*Aus vs SA,Result in penultimate over in 2009 at Sydney,remember the vigilant SA captain, Graeme Smith played with the broken hand in the second innings for the last 10 overs in the second innings,but he didnt ask any Physio during the closing stages of the match.

I actually enjoyed this (first test) match,but not the final 10 mins.But the way England came back to salvage a draw from ‘jaws of defeat’ means the series is levelled 0-0 after 1st test.Kudos to Collingwood,Anderson and Monty for the way they played with utmost concentration and composure.Hopefully the remaining four games will be the close ones,which will be treat for the cricket lovers .The full scorecard of this match is added below,

England vs Australia,2009,1st test,from July 8-July 12

Venue:Sophia gardens,Cardiff

Toss:England won the toss and decided to bat first

Match Summary:

Day 1 score card:[ENG 336-7 after 90 overs],end of day’s play

Day2 score card:at stumps[ENG 435-10 after 106.5 overs],[AUS 249-1 in 71 overs]

Day 3 score card:[AUS 479-5 after 139 overs]at stumps.

Day4 scorecard:[AUS 674-6 in 181 overs ,declared],[2nd innings:ENG 20-2,trail by 219 runs],at stumps

Day 5  scorecard:[2nd innings,ENG 252-9 in 105 overs],at Stumps

Result:Match Drawn

Man of the Match(MOM):

Ricky Ponting

England vs Australia 2009,1st test Score card played at Cardiff:


England batting:[435-10 after 106.5 overs]

Andrew Strauss(captain)—->c Clarke b Johnson—>30runs—>60 balls

Alistair Cook——->c Hussey b Hilfenhaus—>10 runs—->25 balls

Ravi Bopara——>c Hughes b Johnson——>35 runs—->52 balls

Kevin Pietersen—->c Katich b Hauritz—–>69 runs—–>141 balls

Paul Collingwood—–>c Haddin b Hilfenhaus—->64 runs—->145 balls

Matt Prior—–>b Siddle—->56 runs—->62 balls

Andrew Flintoff—>b Siddle—>37 runs—>51 balls

James Anderson—->c Hussey b Hauritz—>26 runs—->40 balls

Stuart Broad——–>b Johnson—->19 runs—>20 balls

Graeme Swann——->not out—–>47 runs—>40 balls

Monty Panesar—–>c Ponting b Hauritz–>4 runs—>17 balls

Extras—–>38 runs

Australia Bowling:

Mitchell Johnson—–>22 overs——->87 runs—>3 wickets

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>27 overs—->77 runs—>2 wickets

Peter Siddle——>27 overs—>121 runs—->2 wickets

Nathan Hauritz—->23.5 overs—>95 runs—>3 wickets

Michael Clarke—>5 overs—>20 runs—>0 wicket

Simon Katich—->2 overs—>11 runs—>0 wicket

Australia Batting:[674-6 in 181 overs ,declared]

Phil Hughes—–>c Prior b Flintoff—>36 runs—->54 balls

Simon Katich—–>lbw Anderson—–>122 runs—–>261 balls

Ricky Ponting(captain)——>b Panesar—->150 runs—–>224 balls

Mike Hussey—–>c Prior b Anderson—–>3 runs—>16 balls

Micheal Clarke—->c Prior b Broad——>83 runs—->145 balls

Marcus North——>not out——>125 runs——>242 balls

Brad Haddin——>c Bopara b Collingwood—->121 runs—–>151 balls

Extras: 34 runs

England Bowling:

James Anderson—–>32 overs—>110 runs—–>2 wickets

Stuart Broad——–>32 overs—>129 runs—–>1 wicket

Graeme Swann——>38 overs—>131 runs—–>0 wicket

Andrew Flintoff——->35 overs—>128 runs—–>1 wicket

Monty Panesar——->35 overs—>118 runs—–>1 wicket

Paul Collingwood——>9 overs—–>38 runs—>1 wicket


England batting:[ 252-9 in 105 overs]

Andrew Strauss(captain)—->c Haddin b Hauritz—>17runs—>54 balls

Alistair Cook——->lbw Johnson—>6 runs—->12 balls

Ravi Bopara——>lbw Hilfenhaus——>1 run—->3 balls

Kevin Pietersen—->b Hilfenhaus—–>8 runs—–>24balls

Paul Collingwood—–>c Hussey b Siddle—->74 runs—->245 balls

Matt Prior—–>c Clarke b Siddle—->14 runs—->32 balls

Andrew Flintoff—>c Ponting b Johnson—>26 runs—>71 balls

Stuart Broad——–>lbw b Hauritz—->14 runs—>47 balls

Graeme Swann——->lbw Hilfenhaus—–>31 runs—>63 balls

James Anderson—->not out—>21 runs—->53 balls

Monty Panesar—–>not out–>4 runs—>17 balls

Extras—–>33 runs

Australia Bowling:

Mitchell Johnson—–>22 overs——->44 runs—>2 wickets

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>15 overs—->47 runs—>3 wickets

Peter Siddle——>18 overs—>51 runs—->1 wicket

Nathan Hauritz—->37 overs—>63 runs—>3 wickets

Michael Clarke—>3 overs—>8 runs—>0 wicket

Marcus North——>7 overs—->14 runs—->0 wicket

Simon Katich—->3 overs—>7 runs—>0 wicket

Thanks for reading this post.Feel free to Leave your thoughts about this post in comments section.


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Tips to protect the Blog from the Content Theft or Content copying/How to protect Blog from Content theft or content copying

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 8, 2009

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If you are reading this on any other web site, this content is stolen.

Hi,this time im going to write about blog content theft and some tips to protect  copying your  contents of the blog,before publishing the posts.The idea for writing this post struck me when some of my friends asked me this question,Why you always put those first three lines in most your posts? .

The answer i told to my friends is that“some of my blog contents have been copied by some other sites,so im adding the first three lines to show the original author of the content”.

Im going to explain the above conversation and the related issues in the coming section of this post.

One day i got a message from my fellow wordpress blogger.Its come under Spam section in my WordPress account.When i read that message i came to know that one of my posts under Programming category was copied by some other site(i dont want to name that site).Then only i came to know that some of the sites copying the contents from the others blog for getting the money through advertisements.

I think  the site which is copying my content under programming category is using some Engine which will copy the contents of mine directly,when i publishing the post. Even without visiting my blog that site is copying the contents of mine.I dont know how that Engine works,or what they are using to copy my contents while publishing!!But one thing for sure,i found out that the post while publishing mine will automatically reflect in there site.So what are all the posts im writtening under programming category will reflect there in his/her site.

So because of this i added those three lines,which i got the idea from my fellow blogger who runs the blog,

Bigendian only gave the information about the contents of my blog was copied by some other site.

Till now i have explained my problem,There is an option available to stop copying the contents of you by taking legal action against those site which is copying your contents.You have to  either make a complain to the Host of the site which is copying your contents or you have to complain to DMCA .DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act,which is used for solving the copyright issues.

But the problem when you are going to approach with the DMCA is that  it is time consuming and there are some steps which we have to follow compulsorily. In short ,the processing of those complaints will take this thing is not useful for the bloggers who didnt want to waste their time with legal battle etc.So follow some simple steps to stop copying your blog contents using some Engine by other sites.


Anyone can copy Your contents by visiting your blog and paste it in their these steps you can use for protection of  copying your contents by the other sites while publishing your posts.

As far as the old saying,“Prevention is better than cure”,so try to follow these steps,this will not fully solve this problem,but we can somewhat prevent this problem.

Step 1:

Include a very clear copyright notice on your blog.

In the copyright notice mention what are all the things you will Allow and what are all those things you are not going to allow.

for further reference i will add the link of the wordpress at the end of this section.

Step 2:

Configure your RSS feed so that it displays post summaries.

for further you can change this setting to stop RSS feedings to the illegal scrapers.

For further details about this steps i will add the link of the wordpress help contents.

Step 3:

For finding whether your content is copied or not you can use Copyscape which will show the first 10 sites which equally or somewhat matching your post contents.plagiarism(piracy) is the common term used for content theft /copying.The copyscape site is,


If you found any of the sites copied your contents through copyscape,dont Click it through the copyscape hits,because those copied sites will block the copyscape search of your recently searched URL and when you tried to search the content of the post next time in Copyscape,it will show like this,

0(Zero) results found for your ( post name).

So its better not to click those hits if you are using copyscape.

Its better you can check in Google by searching the title of your blog.Google will show the hits and based on that you can see the sites which is probably copied your contents.

There are so many free websites for checking content plagiarism,some of them are,

You have to mention the URL of your post to check for the copied contents in other sites.

I have just mentioned three steps above,there are another five steps are there and you can refer those steps in the following wordpress link,

I hope this post will help you in some way or the other about whats going on in the blog content thefts .I will came up with different post next time.Thanks for reading this post. Feel free to Drop your comments about this post in comments section.


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India vs West Indies 2009, 4th ODI score card and REVIEW

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 6, 2009

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Hi,this time there is nothing much to review about this match,because of heavy rain the match was abandoned and INDIA won this  series 2-1. West indies played  7.3 overs and scored 27 runs.Gayle out for 0,while Morton and Sarwan try to consolidate and had a 27 runs partnership .But rain came heavily and because of wet outfield and also due to heavy rain the match was called off.Dhoni won the man of the series.


India won the toss chose to bowl first.

Match summary:

West Indies batting:[27-1 in 7.3 0vers]

Gayle—->c Dhoni b Ishant—>0 runs—–>2 balls

Morton-—->not out—->12 runs—->22 balls

Sarwan——>not out—->12 runs—–>22 balls

India Bowling:

Ishant—->4 overs—>17 runs—>1 wicket

Nehra—–>3.3 overs—->9 runs—->0 wicket


*Match abandoned due to rain.

*India won the four match ODI series as 2-1.

*Man of the series(MOS): M S Dhoni

The photo of the victorious Indian team is added below:

Victorious team India against West indies in 2009

Some of the Chris Gayle’s lines in the Post match Presentation,

“Congratulations to Dhoni and his teams for winning. Looking forward to the Bangladesh series now. There aren’t too many positives to come out of this series, given that we lost.”

Some of the M S Dhoni’s lines in the Post match Presentation,

“It’s a pleasure to win outside India,. I’m blessed with a good side.”,“Yuvraj is the backbone of our batting, always taking up the responsibility.”


The source of the photo i used in this post  is from Cricinfo.I have no copyright over this image.

I have added the link of the original photo in the next  line,

Thanks for reading this post.feel free to post your comments about this post.


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Roger Federer(‘the champion’) Beats Andy Roddick(‘The Real Hero’) in 2009 Wimbledon final

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 6, 2009

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Hi,im going to review one of the thrilling finals in tennis i thought of writing this post on the 2009 Wimbledon final.Andy Roddick

Roger Federer

R  Federer        vs      A   Roddick

2009 Wimbledon Final

Review and Result

Roger Federer(SUI) beats Andy Roddick(US) by 3 sets to 2 sets,[5-7, 7-6 (8-6), 7-6 (7-5), 3-6, 16-14], where the overall timing of the match is 257 mins (4 hours and 17 mins),and he creates the world record of winning his 15th Grand Slam title and also his 6th Wimbledon title.He beat the record of Pete Sampras(USA),who previously holds the record of winning 14 Grand slam titles .This win also gives  Federer the Number1 or No.1 spot in rankings which was Previously hold by Rafael Nadal.Rafael Nadal didnt participate in this tournament because of the injury.

This is one hell of a match where the pendulum swings one way or the other.Roddick who beats Murray in the semi final ,played the first set beautifully,and his first serves are very tough to face.Both these players serves  speeds are easily averaging around 100mph. And both the players heavily depended on their serves.The first set was won by Roddick , 7-5.

In the second set both the players got the games on their serves but failed to break the game of the second set went into the tie breaker,where at one stage Roddick leads the points 6-2 with 3 set points in the tie breaker to win the set.But Roger has some other ideas,he played with great energy and won two points on his serve and got two more break now the score reads 6-6 and he scored another 2 points to won the set 7-6(8-6) in the second set.

In the third set both the players once again won their serves but didnt break the others serve.This time also the set went into the tie break ,and this time Roger won the points 7-5 in the tie break without sweating that much as second set.So Federer leads the sets 2-1 with 2 to go.

In the fourth set ,Roddick came back resplendently and got some breaks over Federer serves and won the set by 6-3.Now the sets are tied (i.e 2 sets each).

In the fifth set,Both the players didnt want to give up easily,their serves are like a rocket went pass the others like a speed of light.Federer always got point through aces in most of the games.Roddick who played like a War Horse played with much flair and ease matched with stroke by stroke with Federer,and after 45 mins of play the game score reads as 8-8.This is really an Epic match where the last set looks like a new match.In the 17th game Roddick has got 2 break points but misses the oppurtunity of taking the lead where federer came back with 3 good serves and take the lead again by 9-8.And the match is going on and on and the game score now reads 14-14 and the timing shows that they are playing the final test for the past 82 mins.Roger won the 29th game to take the lead to 15-14 and now its Roddicks turn,he played the loose shot at the start of this game which shows some nerves,but he came back well and at one stage he leads the game by A-40 to Federer.But because of good return shots from Federer in the next 2 serves of him,he hits the ball over the line which means Federer creates History by winning his 15th ‘Grandslam Title’ and his 6th ‘Wimbledon Title’.The final set takes around 90 mins and the game score reads 16-14 to Federer.

To me this will be one of the best matches of all time in Tennis history.Roger Federer, ‘The champion’ of Wimbledon 2009 and Andy Roddick ,‘The Real Hero’ of Wimbledon 2009.I thank both the players for providing us a a thrilling and exciting game which no one will forget.The trophies of the Wimbledon for the winners of  Men’s category and Women’s category are displaying below:

Wimbledon trophies

Some of the  Roger Federer’s line after the end of the match:

“He played unbelievable,”[–>federer referring to Roddick]

“It feels great. It was a crazy match with an unbelievable end and my head’s still spinning, but it’s an unbelievable moment in my career.”[—>referring to the world record and also about this match]

Some of the  Andy Roddick’s line after the end of the match:

“I’m one of the lucky few who gets cheered for, so thank you for that. I just want to say congratulations to Roger, he deserves everything he gets, so well done Roger.”

This match was watched by some of the former greats of tennis ,some of them are Pete Sampras and Bjorn sure they will also enjoyed this match.


The source of the photos of Roger federer and Wimbledon trophies i used in this post  is from wikipedia.

The original  image source of Roger Federer  is from the following link:

The original image source of the Wimbledon trophies is from the following link:

Thanks for reading this post.Feel free to post your comments.


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India vs West Indies 2009, 3rd ODI score card and REVIEW

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 4, 2009

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Hi,im going to review the  3rd ODI match between India vs WestIndies played at the Gros Islet,St.Lucia.

Indian captain MS Dhoni won the toss once again,and this time he has decided to bowl first,because of the climate conditions.The weather predictions seems to be Rainy and as correctly the WestIndies innings was disrupted by Three rain stoppages which surely disturb the momentum of the West Indies.The match was actually reduced from 50 to 41 overs ,and then to 39 and finally reduced to 27 overs.Gayle and Morton played very well and they looked good until the first stoppage happens.Gayle scored 27 until then with 6 boundaries out of which Ishant gave 5 of those.After the rain break Gayle got out to Nehra for the same score from 14 balls,and then momentum was slightly shifted to India.Sarwan played with flair and ease and scored good 62 runs which helped West Indies to put a decent total of 186-7 in 27 overs ,where all the others have chipped in with 15’s and 20’s.

India started well where openers Karthik and Gambhir played positively by playing some good shots and they also they rotated the strike beautifully. Karthik got out for 47 while trying to a single which was not there.Dhoni came at one down and started rotating the strike.Once agin Rain interrupted and target for India has been revised to 159 from 22 overs.

India lose 2 quick wickets of Gambhir and Yuvraj and the momentum was in the balance till the penultimate over ,where Bravo given only 5 runs and took the wicket of Rohit Sharma,by then India need 11 runs from 1 over.But Dhoni played a pressure shot in the second ball of the last over bowled by Jerome taylor for a six.He picked up the slow ball of Taylor and deposited into the crowd.Now India need 4 from 4 with 6 wickets in  hand.Then in the next ball Bravo misfields at long on and give an extra run,and now India needs 2 runs from 3 balls.Yusuf hits the single in the penultimate ball of the innings and India won the match and leads the series by 2-1.Dhoni played a captain’s knock of 46 from 34 balls and won the man of the match award.

The scorecard of  this match(3rd ODI) which is took place at Gros Islet,St.Lucia.

Match Summary:West Indies 186-7(27 0vers)

India 159-4(21.5 overs)

India won the match by 6 wickets with 1 ball to spare

Toss:India have won the Toss and Decided to Field First.

Team Changes:

India:  (2 changes from last match)

Abhishek Nayar   <———  In

Ishant Sharma <———  In

Ravindra Jadeja  ———-> Out

Praveen Kumar ———-> Out

West Indies:

No Changes in the team.

The overs was reduced to 27 because of delayed start due to rain.The scores of both the team are:

West Indies innings scorecard:[score is 186-7 in 27 overs]

Chris Gayle—–> c Dhoni b Nehra—–>27 runs—->14 balls

Runako Morton———>st Dhoni b Harbhajan ——–> 22runs—->34 balls

Ramnaresh Sarwan——>run out (Gambhir)—–> 62runs—->59 balls

Shivnarine Chanderpaul—–>c Nehra b Pathan—–>15 runs—–> 14balls

Dwayne Bravo–—–>c Dhoni b Nehra—->14runs—–>19balls

Darren Bravo———>b Nehra—–>21runs—–>15balls

Denesh Ramdin——->not out———>14runs——->6balls

Jerome Taylor——>c I Sharma b Harbhajan——->1run ——>2balls

India bowling:

Ishant Sharma —–>5 overs——->35 runs—–>0 wicket

Ashish Nehra——>5 overs—–>21 runs—–>3 wickets

RP Singh——>5 overs—–>34 runs—–>0 wicket

Harbhajan Singh ——>5 overs—–>35 runs—>2 wickets

Yuvraj Singh——>2 overs—–>19 runs—->0 wicket

Rohit Sharma—–> 1over—->7 runs—->0 wicket

Yusuf Pathan —–>4 overs—->28 runs—->1 wicket

Target for India is 159 to win from 22 overs(D/L method).The overs have been reduced to India because of the rain stoppages.

India innings scorecard :[159-4 in 21.5 overs]

Dinesh Karthik ——–>run out(Rampaul) —->47 runs–>43 balls

Gautam Gambhir ——->st Ramdin b Benn—>44 runs—>38 balls

MS Dhoni(captain)—->not out——>46 runs —->34 balls

Yuvraj Singh——> c Darren Bravo b Bernard—->2 runs—->6balls

Rohit Sharma—–>cBernard b Dwayne Bravo—->11 runs—->9balls

Yusuf Pathan —–>not out——>1 run—>2 balls

West Indies bowling:

Jerome Taylor —–> 3.5 overs—->39 runs —->0  wicket

Ravi Rampaul——->4 overs——->26 runs-——> 0wicket

Dwayne Bravo——>4 overs——->27 runs——> 1 wicket

David Bernard—–>3 overs——>21 runs——->1 wicket

Sulieman Benn —->5 overs—->31 runs—->1 wicket

Chris Gayle(captain)——> 2 overs——–>11 runs——->0 wicket


M S Dhoni

Thanks for reading the post.feel free to comment about this post.


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SriLanka vs Pakistan 2009-TEST/ODI/T20 Schedules/Fixtures-Test Series Preview-Test Squads-Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka 2009

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 3, 2009

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srilankan team logo

Srilanka has been playing good cricket in the past 12 months.They are the runners-up in the recently concluded T20 tournament in England.They only lost one match in the whole series that too in final against pakistan.This series is schedule to have 3 tests ,5 ODI’s and 1 t20,where im going to preview the Srilankan team in this post only for the coming test series.Srilankan team is very hard to beat at home.Last time they lost the test series at home is against Pakistan in 2005/2006.So they want to make a point this time around against Pakistan to win this series.  The Srilankan squad is having lot of new names,so they are trying to develop the young squad which will surely help their cricket in the coming years.The strength of Srilankan team is that their two world class spinners,at home the conditions favoured both the spinners Mendis and Murali more than their opponent spinners.And their batting looks adequate with strong middle order which comprises of Sangakkara,Mahela Jayawardene,Thilan Samaraweera and Dilshan.In their bowling ,Murali and Mendis will bowl most of the overs and their fast bowling attack looks decent.Players like Prasad,kulasekara are good bowlers if conditions helps some swing bowling.So overall its a good All Round squad.

Srilanka Squad for 1st Test:

Kumar Sangakkara(captain)————->Batsman
Mahela Jayawardene——————–>Batsman
Chamara Kapugedera——————–>Batsman
Tillakaratne Dilshan——————>AllRounder
Nuwan Kulasekara———————->Bowler

Suranga Lakmal————————>Batsman
Ajantha Mendis————————>Bowler
Angelo Mathews————————>AllRounder
Muttiah Muralitharan——————>Bowler
Thilan Samaraweera——————–>Batsman
Tharanga Paranavitana —————->Batsman
Dammika Prasad  ———————->Bowler
Kaushal Silva      ———————->Batsman/Wicketkeeper
Thilan Thushara———————–>Bowler
Malinda Warnapura———————>Batsman


Pakistan fresh from a worldcup T20 win wants to continue its form in this tour.Im going to preview the Pakistan team only for the Test series in this post.With the return of Mohammad Yousuf and Abdur Razzaq to the team means they can have a very strong batting line up that can challenge the Srilankan Spinners.They didnt play much test Cricket in last 15 months,they only played 2 or 3 it seems(correct me if im wrong).But their team looks good on the paper especially middle order looks strong.With captain ‘cool’ Younis Khan coming at one down, who scored triple century in last series against srilanka has to play a major role if Pakistan has to win this series.Misbah-ul-haq is good player of  spin will pay a crucial role as a middle order batsman.In the bowling department they have Umar Gul,who can reverse swing the  older ball at will ,and they have two spinners,experienced Kaneria and a new off spinner Saeed Ajmal whose Doosra’s are hard to pick by the overall looks like a decent unit.But we never know how they will perform on a given day.They have to improve the fielding standard if they want to win this series.

Pakistan squad for the Test series:

Younis Khan(captain )—————–>Batsman
Abdul Razzaq————————–>AllRounder
Umar Gul——————————>Bowler
Shoaib Malik————————–>AllRounder
Salman Butt—————————>Batsman
Mohammad Yousuf———————–>Batsman
Saeed Ajmal—————————>Batsman
Mohammad Aamer————————>Bowler
Khurram Manzoor———————–>Batsman
Kamran Akmal————————–>Batsman/Wicketkeeper
Fawad Alam—————————->AllRounder
Faisal Iqbal————————–>Batsman
Danish Kaneria————————>Bowler
Abdur Rauf—————————->Bowler

Srilanka vs Pakistan 2009,tour Schedule/Fixtures:

TEST SERIES schedule:

1ST TEST at Galle–—> Ju1y 4(SAT)- July 8(WED)—->

(10:00 local,04:30 GMT,10:00 IST,10:30 PST)

2ND TEST at P Sara oval,Colombo–—> Ju1y 12(SUN)- July

16(THU)—-> (10:00 local, 04:30 GMT,10:00 IST,10:30 PST)

3RD TEST at SSC,Colombo–—> Ju1y 20(SUN)- July

24(THU)——–>(10:00 local, 04:30 GMT,10:00 IST,10:30 PST)

ODI SERIES schedule:

1ST ODI at Dambulla –—> Ju1y 30(THU)—-> (10:00 local,

04:30 GMT,10:00 IST,10:30 PST)

2ND ODI at Dambulla –—> August 1(SAT)—-> (10:00 local,

04:30 GMT,10:00 IST,10:30PST)

3RD ODI at Dambulla –—> August 3(MON)—-> (10:00 local,

04:30 GMT,10:00 IST,10:30 PST)

4TH ODI at Premadasa,Colombo. D/N –—> August 7(FRI)—->

(14:30 local, 09:00 GMT,14:30 IST,15:00 PST)

5TH ODI at Premadasa,Colombo. D/N –—> August 9(SUN)—->

(14:30 local, 09:00 GMT,14:30 IST,15:00 PST)

T20 Schedule:

ONLY  T20 at Premadasa,Colombo. D/N –—> August 12(WED)—->

(19:00 local, 13:50 GMT,19:00 IST,19:30 PST)


The original source of the SLC  image i have used here is from Wikipedia.

I took the images of Pakistan Team from,

please note that i didnt notice that this image is having copyright or not.So pardon me if i have used the copyrighted im not having any copyright over the image i used in this post.

Hopefully we will have a cracker of a contests between these two sides throughout the coming 2 months .I will try to review  every matches.Feel free to Write your thoughts in comments section about this post. Thanks for reading this post.


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Michael Vaughan,Classy Batsman and one of the ‘Rara Avis’ of modern day cricket

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 1, 2009

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Michael VaughanHi,im going to write this post on Michael Vaughan,Former England Captain who announced his retirement from all forms of cricket Yesterday(June 30,2009).

From my title itself you can understand what Michael is all about.One of the classy batsman is modern cricket and there are only few players matching with Vaughan for his range of strokes.His cover drives and square cuts are treat to watch.He is also a good puller of the ball,so overall it is a treat for the spectarors to watch his strokes.He is the stylish player and i can compare his range of strokes with Dravid and Tendulkar.He is having a good technique and temperament to play good cricket strokes and waits for the loose balls to be punished.He is like a old contemporary cricketer ,and his batting strength relies on placement and timing which is rare to see in modern cricket.

His career has started in Yorkshire cricket club and he represented English Cricket team in the year 1999 against South africa at jo’berg.Then he became a regular member of the side after some good performances in Test cricket.Due to his performances in Test Cricket in the 2002/2003 season,he became a regular member in one day cricket.For me he is a good test batsman ,because he plays text book strokes and he can take his own time to settle down.He is a decent one day player but normally struggle to maintains the strike rate.

He took over the captaincy from Nasser Hussain in  july 2003 in both forms of the game and he is the most successful captain of all time for England in Test Cricket .Under his captaincy England won 7 test matches continously against Windies and New Zealand in may-august 2004 season inEngland.He is a shrewd leader ,and he took his decisions instinctively.

I think   ‘The Hightime of his life’ is in the year 2005,where  his team has achieved some new landmarks.England won the test series in South Africa for the first time since1965 in january 2005.And they have regained the Ashes  in 2005 after 16years from Austalia by beating 2-1 in September 2005

One of the main thing that troubled Vaughed was his Knee injury.After the Ashes series he hasn’t played that much cricket.In 2007 , he didnt participate in the Ashes because of the knee injury ,where England team under Flintoff’s captaincy lost the series 5-0 to Australia.He lost the ODI place after his team early exit (super 8’s) from the World Cup 2007.

Then in the same year he lost his first  test series in Home as a captain to India by 1-0.In the year 2008,he resigned the captaincy from test after his team lost the test series against SouthAfrica in England.

He made his decision yesterday(30-06-09),after he was overlooked from the English Cricket Squad for the past one year after he resigned his captaincy in 2008.

Some of his best performance and records of him:

As a player:

* Scored 615 runs in four Tests against India in 2002/2003 series where he scored his personal best of 197 in this series.

*Scored 633 runs in five Tests against Australia in 2002/2003 Ashes series in Australia and climbed to the top of the table after he scored a match winning 183 in the final test at Sydney.

*Holding the record of scoring most number of hundreds in Tests by an individual at the ‘MECCA OF CRICKET’ Lords.(i think he scored 4 hundreds at lords,correct it if im wrong!!!)

As a captain:

*His captaincy record in Test is 26 wins from his 51 matches.

*He is one of the most successful captain for England

*His team won the test series in South Africa after 40 years ,they have

achieved this feat in january 2005

* His team regained the Ashes after 16years  from Austalia in

September 2005.



82 matches—–>5719 Runs—–> 197 H.S—>41.44 Avg—->18 hundreds


86 matches—>1982uns—–>90* H.S—>27.15 Avg—>16 fifties—>0,100’s


2matches—–>27 Runs—–>27 H.S—>13.50 Avg—>0 fifties

Some of  Vaughan‘s lines  during the announcement of his retirement in Press Conference:

“I want to be remembered as a nice player on the eye to watch, and as someone who gave my all. I leave with no regrets. I captained with an instinctive nature and I was fortunate to lead a determined team that played with an aggressive style.”

From my point of view,We are going to miss one of the ‘rara avis’ in Modern day cricket.I wish him best of luck for his future ahead.


The source of the photo i used in this post  is from wikipedia.

i have added the link of the original photo in the next  line,

Thanks for reading this post.Next time i will came up with different topic.Feel free to comment.


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India vs West Indies 2009, 2nd ODI score card and REVIEW

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on June 29, 2009

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Hi,im going to review the 2nd ODI match between India vs WestIndies playing at the kingston,jamaica.

Match Summary:India 188 allout(48.2 overs)

West Indies 192 -2 (34.1 overs)

W.I won the match by 8 wickets with 95 balls to spare

M.S.Dhoni ,Indian captain won the toss and as usual , decided to bat first as he did in the first ODI.But within the first 10 balls of the Indian innings the top three  of their team went into the pavilion where score reads 7-3.They all made same mistake by playing the ball away from their body where the ball is actually  moving away from them.Yuvraj played like where he left in the first ODI with some good strokes and scored quick fire 35,but he too also got a nick while trying to drive the ball which was not up there.Dhoni on other played with much purpose from ball one he faced ,but on the other he saw the wickets tumbling like a pack of cards where at one stage India were 82-8 in 21.3 overs.Ravi Rampaul of West Indies bowled with much purpose and got 4 wickets.Gayle finished his spell within the end of 25 overs.He used only the fast bowlers for the first 25 overs and his plan has worked today.

But Indian captain played the captain’s innings to took the Indian team total 188(all out) from 48.2 overs,where he scored 95 from 130 balls and was ably supported by RP Singh who scored 23 from 75 balls and this pair added 101 valuable runs for the ninth wicket patnership.Dhoni was the last wicket to fall while trying to cut the slow ball of J.Taylor.I think dhoni misses the well deserved hundred.As FAR AS WEST INDIES WICKET TAKERS Rampaul took 4,Bravo and Taylor took 3 apiece.

Chasing the moderate score of 189 ,West Indies tries to get some early momentum by playing scoring runs in the first powerplay.This is what exactly done by W.I captain Chris Gayle by playing some powerful strokes all around the park.He was ably supported by Morton who went onto score 85 * ,and Gayle scored a power packed 64 from 46 balls .They put on 101 for the first wicket in 15.2 overs and the partnership was broken by Rohit Sharma ,removing Gayle,who tries to hit a six over long off was caught brilliantly by Gambhir.

Sarwan also got out to Rohit sharma for 15,and Chanderpaul who came at 2 down played his usual innings of 18 runs from 41 balls to see their side home along with the Runako Morton who played very well with some good cuts and drives.There was a lot of positives for windies where there bowling was clicked and and all the batsman got some runs under their belt.

Man Of The Match:Ravi Rampaul

so the series was levelled now as the 3rd game is important for both  the teams to get a lead in this series.The 3rd odi is going to took place at

Gros Islet – Jul 3 (09:30 local, 13:30 GMT,19:00 IST).

The scores of both the teams in this match are

India innings scorecard :

Dinesh Karthik ——–>c Ramdin b Taylor —->4 runs–>5 balls

Gautam Gambhir ——->c Ramdin b Rampaul—>  0 runs—>2 balls

Rohit Sharma—->c Morton b Rampaul—->0 runs—->2 balls

Yuvraj Singh——>c †Ramdin b Taylor—->35 runs—->33balls

MS Dhoni(captain)—->b Taylor——>95 runs—->130 balls

Yusuf Pathan ——–>c Gayle b  Bravo—->0 runs—->9 balls

Ravindra Jadeja—–>c Ramdin b Rampaul—->7 runs—>12 balls

Harbhajan Singh —->c Ramdin b  Bravo—>7 runs—>14 balls

Praveen Kumar——->c Gayle b Rampaul—–>1 runs–>5 balls

RP Singh—->c Benn b  Bravo—->23 runs—>75 balls

Ashish Nehra——>not out—>0 runs—>3 balls

West Indies bowling:

Jerome Taylor —–>  9.2 overs—->35 runs —->3  wickets
Ravi Rampaul——->10 overs——->37  runs-——> 4 wickets
Dwayne Bravo——>9 overs——->26 runs——>    3 wickets
Sulieman Benn —->10 overs—->37 runs—->0 wickets
David Bernard—–>7 overs——>36 runs——->0 wickets
Chris Gayle(captain)——> 3 overs——–>13 runs——->0 wickets

West Indies innings scorecard:

Chris Gayle—–> c Gambhir b Sharma—–>64 runs—->46 balls

Runako Morton———>not out——–>85 runs—->102 balls

Ramnaresh Sarwan——>st Dhoni b Sharma—–>15 runs—->17 balls

Shivnarine Chanderpaul—–>not out—–>18 runs—–>41 balls

India bowling:

Praveen Kumar—–>7 overs——->37 runs—–>0 wickets
Ashish Nehra——>4 overs—–>36 runs—–>0 wickets
RP Singh——>3 overs—–>15 runs—–>0 wickets
Yusuf Pathan——>2 overs—–>15 runs—->0 wickets
Harbhajan Singh ——>8.1 overs—–>45 runs—>0 wickets
Rohit Sharma—–>8 overs—->27 runs—->2 wickets

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2 wickets

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