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95 Responses to “Tips for checking BSNL BroadBand Usage/How to check monthly BSNL BroadBand Usage”

  1. Guru said

    thanks sriram…
    now i no how to check my account usage… 🙂

  2. my total usage is1237362 much amount for this.plz send details

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Thanks for Reading this post Gayatri.
      Total usage is 1237362 KB,
      For converting this into MB,1237362/1024=1208.36 MB
      convert this into GB,1208.36/1024=1.18 GB
      Ur total Usage is 1.18 GB.for further reference on how to calculate the usage,read the notes in this post

  3. sekhar said


    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Thanks for reading this post Sekar.
      I actually didnt get ur question !!I think it seems that you are not able to login into your account .
      The solution for your problem will be better Call Customer Care and get your PORTAL ID and PASSWORD.And then check your account usage in any one of the two sites by using the Portal id and password.

  4. LOKesh chopra said usage for the month of june shows-
    Chargeable Units(MB) Excluding Night Unlimited-660.7 mb
    i have the home 500c plan…
    does this mean that i have crossed my 1.5gb limit and the 660.7 mb is the excess usage??i mean do i have pay up for this 660.7mb apart from my monthly 500plus tax??
    please help for i have downloaded gbs during the free night usage..

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Lokesh,Chargable Units(MB)Excluding night Unlimited means Your actual usage,i.e in your case you have used 660.7 have 500c plan,so that you are having 1.5GB(1536 MB)free as you said.So you dont need to pay any extra amount other than 500 plus.You can download any amount of datas during 2 a.m to 8 a.m,its free usage only. Thanks for reading this post.

  5. sumit said

    i have portal id but now it is not working so how can i check my bsnl broadband usages ?

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Sumit,If your Portal Id is not working call the customer care and verify your Portal Id.I hope you are using your correct password.

  6. prasanna said

    actually i took new connection of bsnl broadband 0n 23/7/09 . can u plz tell how they calculate my bill . my plan is 500c in which 1.5gb is free download . some of my friend is telling that they wont give 1.5gb free download for u.And as well i used 1650176 kb excluding night limit what amount of mb wll be there .. will they put extra amount 0.80 per mb for 15 days from 23 to 31 of july . can u plz suggest

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi prasanna,ur usage excluding night unlimited is 1611.5 MB (i.e 1650176 kb /1024).Your are having a new connection know,so normally BSNL will calculate the usage from the day of connection to the end of the month.(i.e for you from 23-07-09 to 31-07-09).so it seems u have to pay excess charges.i.e for 8 days the free usage for you is 396.4 you have to pay the extra amount to BSNL for the extra usage.

      • prasanna said

        thanks sriram.. can u plz tell when will bill genarates 1st or inbetween 1st to 10th of month of begining

      • sriramchewsthefat said

        Hi,Prasanna,you will get the bill on or after 15th of every month.You have to pauy the amount before the end of that month to avoid fine.

  7. ramya said

    How they calculate usage of our internet bill.if we download or upload it counts in form of kb or mb.But if we open the some window screen for example if we open google or check mail. whether it also consider in form of kb or some thing.

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi,Ramya sorry for the late reply to ur query.I think most probably they are calculating the usage in Kb(NOT sure).The usage has been calculated by counting the uploading as well as downloading usage other than free hours(2 a.m to 8 a.m).

      TOTAL USAGE=Download usage in KB or MB + upload usage in KB or MB

  8. Naveen said

    Hi, if the website showing the chargeable units is lessthan the max limit i.e 1089.40MB, then is it mean that we have to pay for whatever the value the website is showing….

    Eg:-In this month,for my account The chargable units in MB is 271…Please Reply me Whether it mean that i have to pay for this amt of value or is it ok since it is lessthan 1089.40MB….

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Chargable units means the usage u have used other than FREE timings(i.e 2 a.m to 8 a.m).So u no need to pay any extra amount, (eg:say ur chargable units is 1089.40 MB), because it will come under normal usage (i.e 1.5 gb or 2.5 gb based on ur plan).If u r in 1.5 GB (1536 MB) ,so u acn use upto 1536Mb without paying any extra amount.

      As far as this month is concerned u have used 271 MB,if u r in 500c(1.5 gb plan)plan u can download upto 1536MB without paying any extra charges

  9. arunkumar.B said

    Thanks very much for giving me this suggestion.its very helpful for me..

  10. Balasubramanian said

    Very useful discussion about broadband usage.

    Thanks to all.

    I like to know about how the usage is calculated by BSNL.

    There are many things like below in net usage.

    Opening of any website window
    Assesing the website informations
    sending mail
    viewing mail
    using messanger

    Which actions will contribute more usage?

    Which actions will contribute less usage.

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi,Bala,thanks for reading this post and also for the comments.The usage will be based on the webpage you are seeing,i.e,if you are viewing some videos in youtube then it will be higher (in MB’s)..based on the quality of the the quality of the video is good and the runtime of the video is around 5 mins,then the usage will be around 30 to 40 MB.if u are visiting the sites which are having so many photo contents,then the usage will be more fr that site,ie in MB’s.for wikipedia and other sites which are having text contents the usage will be less,in kb’s or at the max 1 or 2 MB.the usage for the sending and receiving the mails wont cost that much usage unless you are sending and receiving huge mail with contents in can use messenger for 24 hrs also,for chatting it will contribute less usage,and for voice chatting,i think the usage will come around 10MB for 1 hour.

  11. phanidhar said

    wt is extra mb charge

  12. jayant said

    thanks for help

  13. jayant said

    how can i get my portal id and password from custm care.
    pleas reply me soon on my mail id.

  14. Arnab said

    hi..i am from kolkata.i hav taken new broadband connection under plan combo of the connection is 5.11.09.usage of the month November is following…
    Total Download Volume(MB)-15904.10
    Total Upload Volume(MB)-850.10
    Total Volume (MB)-16754.20
    Total Duration (HH:MM:SS)- 108:28:59
    Chargeable Units(MB) Excluding Night Unlimited-624.31

    now will you please say what amount of bill they are going to charge??is there any time limit??night unlimited from and to??during night unlimited is there any usage or time limit??how many free calls are there?how many had i get during november?what is the number from where i will be able to know my meter reading of calls?how could i use bsnl’s free webmail service??

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi arnab,
      The amount of bill they are going to charge is from 5.11.09,so it wont be 500 rs.and actually the free data usage for the first month will be calculated based on the date of the Broadband connection. i think first they have installed telephone connection(5.11.09),then only broadband connection. You have used only 624.31MB as a chargable units.So probably u didnt cross ur data usage limit.From next month(this month) the free chargable units is 1536MB. Every extra MB than free chargable units costs 80 paise.

      Free timings:free download timing is from 2am to 8 am.You can download any stuffs within this wont come normal usage(But sometimes they will calculate from 2.10 am to 8.10 am,its BSNL portal problem)
      Free calls:i think u r having 175 free local calls.
      Customer Care Toll Free No:1500
      For the other two queries i dont know google it.

      • Arnab said

        thx 4 ur reply.

        i have some more questions…

        if i cont a session from 1am-3pm and 7am-9am..will they charge normally?? or if i want to use the night unlimited,i have to log out before 2am or 8 am??and do i need to restart the modem at that time?and what is the procedure to configure my modem?

      • sriramchewsthefat said

        Hi Arnab,
        No need to restart the modem .they have programmed so that u dont need to restart the modem.But the only problem is their programming was not correct eventhough u restart the modem.So normally free timing starts frm 2.10 am to 8.10 am(approx) thats the no need to restart ur modem,u can continue ur configure modem type in the address bar of ur browser and then type username:admin,password:admin(case sensitive).

  15. sangram said

    boss, i am thrilled by u’r step-by-step. problem is i can log on to my account but all entries show’timed out’login again..i keep on going in circles. can u help/ be obliged

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      sorry for my belated reply to ur query.may be the BSNL server is down.Thats why it is showing login timeout.Thanks for reading this post..

  16. jayant said

    hi, what is uploading and downloading ?
    anh how they apply charges on net usage?
    i have scheme of 250 per month.

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Uploading means sending the data.Downloading means receiving the data.As far as ur plan I think download/upload upto 1gb for free.Every extra MB costs 90 paise.

  17. jayant said

    while doing chating charges are applied on it or not?
    if yes then how?
    its sarting of month
    and i saw charges applied on ((21,22,30) jan 2010)
    for 4:24,2:39,4:25 hrs: that is 33471kb ,87663kb ,33280kb
    on which charges are applied
    in given information. so what can i do?

  18. hello sri ram i know abt broadband bill usage.i hv taken 500c plan & my connection from 5-04-2010 , then how could i know for daily broad band usage,only if i see status (recived & sent bytes) shown from there how could i know for daily how much i work,after end of month i see the bill or from online after they entered the bill in online for that month i done please help.

  19. Dixon said

    respected sir,
    i have home flexi 350 bsnl broadband plan and its limited usage is 1.8 gb only.i have checked my april bill on bsnl portal site and it shows: total download volume: 1137.21 (mbs)
    total upload volume: 265.86 (mbs)
    total volume: 1403.06 (mbs)
    chargeable units excluding night unlimited: 805.93 (mbs)
    kindly tell me why does it show extra chargeable units of 805.93 mbs although my total usage is 1403.06 which is almost 400 mbs less than the usage alloted to me.please reply to the earliest.

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Dixon,
      I dont know about flexi 350 plan.Is it having night unlimited plan?Im explaining here based on the datas u have given.As you have mentioned The Chargable Units excluding Night unlimited is 805 MB for you which is will be considered as the Normal Usage count(u have used 805 MB only .U can use upto 1.8GB for free based on ur plan).I think the remaining u have used in the night plan which wont count under normal usage(600 MB u have used in free timings).

  20. Krish said

    Hi Sriram,

    Your step-by-step posts are very useful, Thanks.

    ~ Please let me clear what is “Chargeable Units (KB) Excluding Night Unlimited”
    Obviously Unlimited is not chargeable or countable (shows bytes ‘0’)! Moreover I have 1.5 GB limit to use P.M. How to be aware of usage to avoid exceeding usage? Because…

    ~ I got B’band connection Plan-500 on 13/04/2010 and keep checking through Until 26/04/2010 there was showing digit ‘0’ therefore, I guessed that I am using within limit (1.5 GB)

    Since 27/04/2010 It’s start to show KBs like 111522, 3077 etc in “Chargeable Units (KB) Excluding Night Unlimited” column, it mean do I want to pay for this usage?! Total comes 930.00 MB on 30/04/2010.

    Finally how much I want to pay? It was exceeded my limit or within?

    Thank you,

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Krish,
      You have got the BB plan on April13 know,then ur Limit usage wont be 1.5 GB.Because BSNL for the first month will calculate the free limited usage from the DATE of installation of BB.
      I will do the caluculation here for your reference of the Limited usage for u in last month,
      1.5GB=1536 MB
      April month have 30 days,so per day the free usage fr u will be,1536MB/30days=51.2 MB(approx)
      U got the connection on 13th,so the limited usage count for u is 19*51.2=972MB(Approx).
      Chargable units(KB) Excluding Night Unlimited is the Usage u have used other than free time.(i.e Limited usage).
      so for u the limited usage of last month is 930MB which is lesser than ur Free usage limit(972 MB,for the last month).So u no need to pay any extra amount.

      • Krish said


        Thanks for valued reply. So, you mean when it’s getting morethan 1536 MB in “Chargable units(KB) Excluding Night Unlimited” column, we have to pay? am i right?!

        Bcoz i got confused they has generated used MBs after 26th only, until it was showing 0, but since this month 1st day/1st login it’s started to show used MBs in CUENUL cloumn!

        Why it was blank last month until 26th? Sorry if I bothering.


      • sriramchewsthefat said

        sorry for my belated reply.You have to pay only if it is more than 1536 MB .

  21. sudeep said

    Dear Sir,

    I have taken bsnl 750 u/l plan from 08/08/2009.So, I used to get bill of Rs 750 every month. Yesterday,I got a demand note Rs 13212 from Kothi exchange vadodara. In the letter it is mentioned that another broadband user got a excess bill amount in month of August…After investigation bsnl is saying that I have used that user’s portal id from 10/08/2009 to 31/08/2009. so I am liable to pay that bill.

    But I do not anything. At the time of internet connection bsnl people came and did the connection.whenever a problem occure these people come and solve the problem.

    I have the 750 u/l what is the point of using other’s portal id.

    I do not what to do? plz help me. it is urgent.

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Sudeep sorry for replying late.I understand Your Problem.if u have taken the 750 U/L plan from first month no need to pay this amount.are You having the first month bill after taking BB connection or any bill receipt (While giving the BB deposit amount) for which will have your BB plan.

  22. divya said

    hi.. 🙂
    its showing my chargable units excuding night unlimited charge as 0.55 gb .. i have uunlimited usage upto 1.5 gb.. whether i have to pay extra now for .55 gb.. ?

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Divya,
      chargable units excluding night unlimited means the usage excluding free timings(2 am to 8 am).you have mentioned that ur free usage is 1.5gb (excluding night free timings).So u have used only .55gb of 1.5gb of free you no need to pay any extra amount.

  23. Goutam Mandal said

    BBservice doesn’t exist anymore. BSNL has launched its new SelfCare site. Dataone portal still works for old customers. But the new ones have to use selfcare. From there you can not only check your BB usage but also manage your entire landline.
    For details –

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi goutam,
      Nice information.hopefully this info will help others

      • anusha said

        hello sir, what is the difference between total usuage and chargeable units excluding night unlimited……. if the latter shows the actual usuage then wat does the former mean? i find difficult to make the difference….

  24. Dhivya viswanathan said

    Dear sir,
    I am using 299cc plan…for the present month when i am seein on 22nd my total usage is 0.5gb and charges excluding night unlimited is 0.39 gb and on 24th my total usage is 0.48gb and charges excluding night unlimited is 0.42gb…. i cant understand whats dat charges excluding night unlimited column exactly means???how much they will caharge for august month??

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Dhivya,
      Sorry for my belated reply..i know this wont be useful for you now.I was not in blogging for almost 18 months or so.Im just replying here so that for others this info might be useful.
      Charges excluding night unlimited is THE USAGE which is going to be billable(Free Usage Limit)

  25. Dhivya viswanathan said

    Dear sir,
    And also i don ve any unlimited browsing and downloading as per my plan…so can u tell me clearly sir???

  26. Abhishek said

    Hi Sriram,
    well i was reading your blog.quite informative…what i dont understand is the thing about chargeable units.i have a home 500c download limit is 1.5 gb.well i have been using the connection for 20 days now…on checking the usage details…my total usage data(excluding night unlimited) amounts to over 1336 mb
    but still the chargeable units is zero.well i thought was that chargeable units are total usage-free down limit.but you are saying something else.well the thing is that if you are right then what happened to these 1336 mb i hv used.Please tell.

  27. uday said

    hi… going through these discussions saved so much of my time and energy thank you for answering all sorts of queries so patiently and clearly…

  28. meher kiran said

    I applied for bsnl connection on 27th of september. i got telephone connection on 28th september and broadband connection on 4th october.chargable units excluding night unlimited showed no reading till 15th of october. But it showed 110mb on 16th of october. does it mean that i will be charged for the 110mb. i am using 500combo plan.

  29. sachin said

    for august month my usage is 1.78 gb how much i will pay

  30. adarsh kumar said

    i can not able to login in it .

  31. deep said

    i have checked my internet usage on and in that they included the night usage of 2am to 8am in total usage of internet.
    then how should i know that whether it is included in bill or not?

  32. Gopal said

    Hey! Dat was really nice one…i wanna know how to find number of free call remaining per month? is there a way???

  33. sridhar said

    how to know the free landline calls used ……………..

  34. dheeraj sharma said

    Hi sriram hope you will be fine. I got the broadband bill of Nov-2011 and I want to clarify it with you. The plan is BBG-FN-HOME-500-COMBO-MONTHLY the chargeable units mentioned in the bill are 4636043KB and the amount they charged is Rs882.83 with discount 314.58 so the net amount is 568.254/- May you please calculate the usage data and how they brought the amount 882.83/- moreover is it good to use broadband usage software to calculate monthly usage if yes then give link to download one which is free to use. please reply soon.

  35. nitin said

    sir,u have given very useful info but the user id and password given by the bsnl off is not matching when i use them in the site so what should i do?

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Nitin,
      Sorry for my belated reply..i know this wont be useful for you now.I was not in blogging for almost 18 months or so.Im just replying here so that for others this info might be useful.
      have u checked your usage in this site, ?

  36. AJINKYA GOLE said

    i have 500c pack…i want to check my usage..but i dont kno d portal id and password…i dont even kno d contact numb of bsnl…secondly once i tried to make a new account in d site using my landline numb dey said dis numb has already been used…yes i hav registered my numb…but it was long back…now i hav lost my id and password…what shud i do…reply as soon as possible…because its creatin problm for me…coz every month i dont get an idea how much i hav used other dan my free 2 am to 8 am…and m charged very much…dis month d reading was 16993358 units…around 16 gb..!!!! now dats fuckin false…help me please

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi Ajinkya,
      Sorry for my late reply.I was not blogging for almost 18 months or so.
      Have you called to the customer care?
      If not call 1500 using bsnl landline no and ask the portalid and password.
      I doubt today(Sunday) they will pick the call.Anyway check it out.
      Then you can check your usage in using your portalid and password.

      • AJINKYA GOLE said

        hello sriram,
        i wasnt sure if u wud reply….coz it was evident dat u are not blogging since many months….ur last comment was way back in 2010….
        so thanks for d reply…and thanks for all d info…ya it workd and now i can see my usage and atleast control my extra usage other dan my free mb….and they have changed d website i guess….its

      • sriramchewsthefat said

        Hi Ajinkya,
        You are welcome.BTW,thanks for the info related to the bsnl website

  37. gurche said

    can any one tell me is it chargeable to watch online tv channel in unlimited broadband..?

  38. ANIKET said

    hello sir… i want to know for what period my new broadband plan is valid/exists… i updated my plan to 900 unlimited on 21st september 2011 but cannot remember for what period i activated my can i check it out?


    hi………i am using bsnl 600 plan for home users … i belive this plan has night unlimited (2am – 8 am) during which i download movies and stuff….. when i checked broadband data usage from bsnl portal ,i found that the night usage is also counted in the ‘ total charegeable units exciuding night unlimited ‘.will i be charged for my night usage?? i had called bsnl office and confirmed that my plan has been changed to 600 pack……. kindly give me a reply

  40. sherin said

    I got my user id and password from my local bsnl exchange that provided me broad band services.but when log in with these values it says login failed please enter a valid user id and password.Sherin

  41. i do no my portal id and password if there is any other website is there for getting portal id and password

  42. jishil k said

    how can i get portal id and password???pls help

  43. sherly said

    the portal id given for me incorrect..what shall i do now.i cant check the usage

  44. amarjeet kaur said

    i can’t access my bsnl portal account, plz give me suggestion to how i access my account.

  45. kamaljit kaur said

    i dont have any portal id and pasword .as i diretcly use d net from can i know my portal id and passwod.i am having bsnl broadband 200 rural plan.

  46. Avataran said

    There is another website for checking data usage :-

  47. Dr ramnarayan nanda said


  48. Praveen G said

    can you please let me know any alternative number for BSNL customer care, as this customer “1800 345 1500 ” no one lifting the call…

  49. unni said

    please tell me the customer care number………

  50. Dinesh said usage for the month of december shows-
    Chargeable Units(MB) Excluding Night Unlimited-1267 mb
    i have the home 500c plan…
    does this mean that i have crossed my 1.5gb limit and the 1267 mb is the excess usage??i mean do i have pay up for this 1267mb apart from my monthly 500plus tax??
    please help me..

  51. Gopi Nath said

    Hi Sriram,

    how can i get my bsnl portal id and password

  52. piyush said

    hello sir, I applied for a new landline + broadband connection only for using internet . I applied for 750 ul plan and I am paying annually and getting the modem by myself so just wanting to know how much it will costs without modem? and in this plan I will get unlimited downloading ? is there any difference in speed of WiFi modem or simple wired modem? and I will get 1mbps speed till 6gb every month because I am gonna pay annually as I said earlier? please reply soon….

  53. Juhi said

    what is unbilled usage summary???

    • Juhi said

      Downloaded (MB)- 4471.92 Uploaded (MB)-630.79
      Total Vol.(MB)-5102.71 Total Duration-78:27:12
      Chargeable Units(MB)-1197.11

      will u plz explain me the above stuff…!!
      last month i.e near 10 or 12th march my new connection ll+broadband was setup. 1st month bill came up with 2254rs.
      now whats this chargeable units n all??
      i hv 600 plan…
      2.5 gb + 250 calls + 2-8am unlimitied

      n how to check free calls…

  54. Robin said

    Hey Sriramchewsthefat I have a 650 ULD monthly plan, is there any download limit in this plan because I have actually downloaded more than 13 GB , And i don’t want to pay extra for that .. please help

  55. anand said

    i do no my portal id :(????
    wts my portal id and password?????

  56. lakshmi said

    hi sir i would like to know how can i get my portal id and password from customer care..plz mail me…and like to know is there is a usage charge for playing online games and watching videos….if so how it charge….

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