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Roger Federer(‘the champion’) Beats Andy Roddick(‘The Real Hero’) in 2009 Wimbledon final

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 6, 2009

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Hi,im going to review one of the thrilling finals in tennis i thought of writing this post on the 2009 Wimbledon final.Andy Roddick

Roger Federer

R  Federer        vs      A   Roddick

2009 Wimbledon Final

Review and Result

Roger Federer(SUI) beats Andy Roddick(US) by 3 sets to 2 sets,[5-7, 7-6 (8-6), 7-6 (7-5), 3-6, 16-14], where the overall timing of the match is 257 mins (4 hours and 17 mins),and he creates the world record of winning his 15th Grand Slam title and also his 6th Wimbledon title.He beat the record of Pete Sampras(USA),who previously holds the record of winning 14 Grand slam titles .This win also gives  Federer the Number1 or No.1 spot in rankings which was Previously hold by Rafael Nadal.Rafael Nadal didnt participate in this tournament because of the injury.

This is one hell of a match where the pendulum swings one way or the other.Roddick who beats Murray in the semi final ,played the first set beautifully,and his first serves are very tough to face.Both these players serves  speeds are easily averaging around 100mph. And both the players heavily depended on their serves.The first set was won by Roddick , 7-5.

In the second set both the players got the games on their serves but failed to break the game of the second set went into the tie breaker,where at one stage Roddick leads the points 6-2 with 3 set points in the tie breaker to win the set.But Roger has some other ideas,he played with great energy and won two points on his serve and got two more break now the score reads 6-6 and he scored another 2 points to won the set 7-6(8-6) in the second set.

In the third set both the players once again won their serves but didnt break the others serve.This time also the set went into the tie break ,and this time Roger won the points 7-5 in the tie break without sweating that much as second set.So Federer leads the sets 2-1 with 2 to go.

In the fourth set ,Roddick came back resplendently and got some breaks over Federer serves and won the set by 6-3.Now the sets are tied (i.e 2 sets each).

In the fifth set,Both the players didnt want to give up easily,their serves are like a rocket went pass the others like a speed of light.Federer always got point through aces in most of the games.Roddick who played like a War Horse played with much flair and ease matched with stroke by stroke with Federer,and after 45 mins of play the game score reads as 8-8.This is really an Epic match where the last set looks like a new match.In the 17th game Roddick has got 2 break points but misses the oppurtunity of taking the lead where federer came back with 3 good serves and take the lead again by 9-8.And the match is going on and on and the game score now reads 14-14 and the timing shows that they are playing the final test for the past 82 mins.Roger won the 29th game to take the lead to 15-14 and now its Roddicks turn,he played the loose shot at the start of this game which shows some nerves,but he came back well and at one stage he leads the game by A-40 to Federer.But because of good return shots from Federer in the next 2 serves of him,he hits the ball over the line which means Federer creates History by winning his 15th ‘Grandslam Title’ and his 6th ‘Wimbledon Title’.The final set takes around 90 mins and the game score reads 16-14 to Federer.

To me this will be one of the best matches of all time in Tennis history.Roger Federer, ‘The champion’ of Wimbledon 2009 and Andy Roddick ,‘The Real Hero’ of Wimbledon 2009.I thank both the players for providing us a a thrilling and exciting game which no one will forget.The trophies of the Wimbledon for the winners of  Men’s category and Women’s category are displaying below:

Wimbledon trophies

Some of the  Roger Federer’s line after the end of the match:

“He played unbelievable,”[–>federer referring to Roddick]

“It feels great. It was a crazy match with an unbelievable end and my head’s still spinning, but it’s an unbelievable moment in my career.”[—>referring to the world record and also about this match]

Some of the  Andy Roddick’s line after the end of the match:

“I’m one of the lucky few who gets cheered for, so thank you for that. I just want to say congratulations to Roger, he deserves everything he gets, so well done Roger.”

This match was watched by some of the former greats of tennis ,some of them are Pete Sampras and Bjorn sure they will also enjoyed this match.


The source of the photos of Roger federer and Wimbledon trophies i used in this post  is from wikipedia.

The original  image source of Roger Federer  is from the following link:

The original image source of the Wimbledon trophies is from the following link:

Thanks for reading this post.Feel free to post your comments.



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