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Tips to protect the Blog from the Content Theft or Content copying/How to protect Blog from Content theft or content copying

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 8, 2009

Please note: The original url for this post is:
If you are reading this on any other web site, this content is stolen.

Hi,this time im going to write about blog content theft and some tips to protect  copying your  contents of the blog,before publishing the posts.The idea for writing this post struck me when some of my friends asked me this question,Why you always put those first three lines in most your posts? .

The answer i told to my friends is that“some of my blog contents have been copied by some other sites,so im adding the first three lines to show the original author of the content”.

Im going to explain the above conversation and the related issues in the coming section of this post.

One day i got a message from my fellow wordpress blogger.Its come under Spam section in my WordPress account.When i read that message i came to know that one of my posts under Programming category was copied by some other site(i dont want to name that site).Then only i came to know that some of the sites copying the contents from the others blog for getting the money through advertisements.

I think  the site which is copying my content under programming category is using some Engine which will copy the contents of mine directly,when i publishing the post. Even without visiting my blog that site is copying the contents of mine.I dont know how that Engine works,or what they are using to copy my contents while publishing!!But one thing for sure,i found out that the post while publishing mine will automatically reflect in there site.So what are all the posts im writtening under programming category will reflect there in his/her site.

So because of this i added those three lines,which i got the idea from my fellow blogger who runs the blog,

Bigendian only gave the information about the contents of my blog was copied by some other site.

Till now i have explained my problem,There is an option available to stop copying the contents of you by taking legal action against those site which is copying your contents.You have to  either make a complain to the Host of the site which is copying your contents or you have to complain to DMCA .DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act,which is used for solving the copyright issues.

But the problem when you are going to approach with the DMCA is that  it is time consuming and there are some steps which we have to follow compulsorily. In short ,the processing of those complaints will take this thing is not useful for the bloggers who didnt want to waste their time with legal battle etc.So follow some simple steps to stop copying your blog contents using some Engine by other sites.


Anyone can copy Your contents by visiting your blog and paste it in their these steps you can use for protection of  copying your contents by the other sites while publishing your posts.

As far as the old saying,“Prevention is better than cure”,so try to follow these steps,this will not fully solve this problem,but we can somewhat prevent this problem.

Step 1:

Include a very clear copyright notice on your blog.

In the copyright notice mention what are all the things you will Allow and what are all those things you are not going to allow.

for further reference i will add the link of the wordpress at the end of this section.

Step 2:

Configure your RSS feed so that it displays post summaries.

for further you can change this setting to stop RSS feedings to the illegal scrapers.

For further details about this steps i will add the link of the wordpress help contents.

Step 3:

For finding whether your content is copied or not you can use Copyscape which will show the first 10 sites which equally or somewhat matching your post contents.plagiarism(piracy) is the common term used for content theft /copying.The copyscape site is,


If you found any of the sites copied your contents through copyscape,dont Click it through the copyscape hits,because those copied sites will block the copyscape search of your recently searched URL and when you tried to search the content of the post next time in Copyscape,it will show like this,

0(Zero) results found for your ( post name).

So its better not to click those hits if you are using copyscape.

Its better you can check in Google by searching the title of your blog.Google will show the hits and based on that you can see the sites which is probably copied your contents.

There are so many free websites for checking content plagiarism,some of them are,

You have to mention the URL of your post to check for the copied contents in other sites.

I have just mentioned three steps above,there are another five steps are there and you can refer those steps in the following wordpress link,

I hope this post will help you in some way or the other about whats going on in the blog content thefts .I will came up with different post next time.Thanks for reading this post. Feel free to Drop your comments about this post in comments section.



3 Responses to “Tips to protect the Blog from the Content Theft or Content copying/How to protect Blog from Content theft or content copying”

  1. Good ideas!

  2. Konstantin said


    Thank you very much for the help. I have already added a protection banner to my site.

    Greetings from Bulgaria,

    Konstantin Dimitrov

  3. efenzach said

    What should i do if i am a amateur novelist and I want to avoid plagiarism? i want to avoid plagiarism of my work piece but i don’t have copyright yet. I think publishing my ideas/works to get reaction from public is a good method to ensure i’m in a right trend.

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