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England vs Australia 2009,Ashes 2009, 2nd Test score card and REVIEW

Posted by sriramchewsthefat on July 17, 2009

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Flintoff  Scripts Historic win for England at Lords

Hi,i will review this test match as soon as possible.I added the scorecard of this match below.Will update the review soon.

England vs Australia,2009,2nd test,from July 16-July 20


Toss:England won the toss and decided to bat first

Match Summary:

Day 1 score card:[1st innings:ENG 364-6 after 90 overs],end of day’s play

Day 2 score card:[ENG 425-10 in 101.4 overs ][AUS 156-8 after 49 overs] ,end of day’s play

Day 3 score card:[AUS 215 in 63 overs][2nd innings:ENG 311-6 in 71.2 overs,declared]at stumps.

Target For AUS:522 runs

Day 4 scorecard:[AUS 313-5 in 86 overs ]at stumps

Day 5  scorecard:[AUS 406 in 107 overs]

Match Result:England won the match by 115 runs,and lead the 5 match series 1-0.

Man of the Match(MOM):

Andrew Flintoff

England vs Australia 2009,2nd test Score card played at Lord’s:


England batting:[ 425-10 in 101.4 overs]

Andrew Strauss(captain)—->b Hilfenhaus—>161 runs—>268 balls

Alistair Cook——->lbw Johnson—>95 runs—->147 balls

Ravi Bopara——>lbw Hilfenhaus——>18 runs—->19 balls

Kevin Pietersen—->c Haddin b Siddle—–>32runs—–>42 balls

Paul Collingwood—–>c Siddle b Clarke—->16 runs—->46 balls

Matt Prior—–>b Johnson—->8 runs—->10 balls

Andrew Flintoff—>c Ponting b Hilfenhaus—>4 runs—>10 balls

Stuart Broad——–>b Hilfenhaus—->16 runs—>26 balls

Graeme Swann——->c Ponting b Siddle—–>4 runs—>6 balls

James Anderson—->c Hussey b Johnson—>29 runs—->25 balls

Graeme Onions—->not out—>17 runs—->29 balls

Extras—–>25 runs

Australia Bowling:

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>31 overs—->103 runs—>4 wickets

Mitchell Johnson—–>21.4 overs——->132 runs—>3 wickets

Peter Siddle——>20 overs—>76 runs—->1 wicket

Nathan Hauritz—->8.3 overs—>26 runs—>0 wicket

Marcus North——>16.3 overs—->59 runs—->0 wicket

Michael Clarke—>4overs—>12 runs—>1wicket

Australia Batting:[215 after 63 overs]

Phil Hughes—–>c Prior b Anderson—>4 runs—->9 balls

Simon Katich—–>c Broad b Onions—–>48 runs—–>93 balls

Ricky Ponting(captain)——>c Strauss b Anderson—->2 runs—–>15balls

Mike Hussey—–> b Flintoff—–>51 runs—>91 balls

Micheal Clarke—->c Cook b Anderson——>1 run—->12 balls

Marcus North——>b Anderson——>0 runs——>14 balls

Brad Haddin——>c Cook b Broad—->28 runs—–>38 balls

Mitchell Johnson——>c Cook b Broad—->4 runs—–>11 balls

Nathan Hauritz——>c Collingwood b Onions—->23 runs—–>36 balls

Peter Siddle——>c Strauss b Onions—->35 runs—–>47 balls

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>not out–>6 runs—>14 balls

Extras: 12 runs

England Bowling:

James Anderson—–>21 overs—>55 runs—–>4 wickets

Andrew Flintoff——–>12 overs—>27 runs—–>1 wicket

Stuart Broad——>18 overs—>78 runs—–>2 wickets

Graeme Onions——->11 overs—>41 runs—–>3 wicket

Graeme Swann——->1 over—>4 runs—–> 0 wicket


England batting:[ 311-6 in 71.2 overs,Declared]

Andrew Strauss(captain)—->c Clarke b Hauritz—>32 runs—>48 balls

Alistair Cook——->lbw Hauritz—>32 runs—->42 balls

Ravi Bopara——>c Katich b Hauritz——>27 runs—->93 balls

Kevin Pietersen—->c Haddin b Siddle—–>44 runs—–>101 balls

Paul Collingwood—–>c Haddin b Siddle—->54 runs—->80 balls

Matt Prior—–>run out (North)—->61 runs—->42 balls

Andrew Flintoff—>not out—>30 runs—>27 balls

Stuart Broad——–>not out—->0 run—>0 ball

Extras—–>31 runs

Australia Bowling:

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>19 overs—->59 runs—>0 wicket

Mitchell Johnson—–>17 overs——->68 runs—>0 wicket

Peter Siddle——>15.2 overs—>64 runs—->2 wickets

Nathan Hauritz—->16 overs—>80 runs—>3 wickets

Michael Clarke—>4 overs—>15 runs—>0 wicket

TARGET for AUS:522 runs

Australia Batting:[406-10 in 107 overs]

Phil Hughes—–>c Strauss bFlintoff—>17 runs—->34 balls

Simon Katich—–>cPietersen bFlintoff—–>6 runs—–>5 balls

Ricky Ponting(captain)——> b Broad—->38 runs—–>69 balls

Mike Hussey—–> c Collingwood b Swann—–>27 runs—>63 balls

Micheal Clarke—-> b Swann——>138 runs—->227 balls

Marcus North——>b Swann——>6 runs——>25 balls

Brad Haddin——>c Collingwood b Flintoff—->80 runs—–>130 balls

Mitchell Johnson——> b Swann—->63 runs—–>75 balls

Nathan Hauritz——> b Flintoff—->1 run—–>5 balls

Peter Siddle——>b Flintoff—->7 runs—–>13 balls

Ben Hilfenhaus—–>not out–>4 runs—>4 balls

Extras—–>21 runs

England Bowling:

James Anderson—–>21 overs—>86 runs—–>0 wicket

Andrew Flintoff——–>27 overs—>92 runs—–>5 wickets

Graeme Onions——->9 overs—>50 runs—–>0 wicket

Stuart Broad——>16 overs—>49 runs—–>1 wicket

Graeme Swann——->28 overs—>87 runs—–>4 wickets

Paul Collingwood——->6 overs—>29 runs—–>0 wicket

I will try to update the review as soon as possible.Thanks for reading this post.



2 Responses to “England vs Australia 2009,Ashes 2009, 2nd Test score card and REVIEW”

  1. shankar said

    Nice post…Assault panra po..Good work…

  2. I love competitive cricket but this south african umpire really helping the English team .He stole pontin wicket in the first inning and I believe that changed the game.Now look at the second innings and he gave flinoff two wickets that he doesn’t deserved
    gabriel henry

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