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Hi, this is Sriram Parthasarathi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully will update the contents of the blog regularly with interesting posts.


11 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey superb post to kick off things keep it Up!!!Update it regularly so that it appeals to all the readers

  2. Sundar said

    assault… 🙂

  3. dev said

    yesterday in landline i got my bill it was RS 1707 whereas i have used upto 1290.36MB and my free downloading is upto 1.5GB then why i have to pay so much money?

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Hi dev,is this your first month bill?if not then they may have charged the remaining amount(,i.e 1207 rs) for landline usage.For 1.5Gb plan,500rs is the charge with 175 free local calls.

  4. dev said

    i have taken bsnl broadband rs 500 plan last month. is this plan have free downloading on night? if it have then please tell me the timing

    • sriramchewsthefat said

      Your plan is home500c,500rs is the charge,1.5gb free,175 free local calls,free usage timing is early morning 2 a.m to 8 a.m.Dev,could you please mention the date they have given the broadband connection.Because for the first month the free usage is calculated based on the installation date,

      • dev said

        the date is 19.01.2010

      • sriramchewsthefat said

        ok.Now i know what your problem is,i also faced the similar billing problem from BSNL.For the first month u can’t use ur free usage fully,ie.1.5gb(1536 mb).BSNL only calculate ur first month’s free usage based on the date of installation of in ur case 19.01.2010.So BSNL will calculate the free usage only for 13 days(19-01-2010 to 31-01-2010),approx 645 free is the free usage for u.And the charge for the free usage is 210 rs (approx),not 500 in ur case.Last month u have used 1290MB,so the remaining 645 MB (1290-645) is taken as the Extra usage.So they have cahrged for the extra usage.i think 1MB costs 80 paise.In your case 645MB*80 paise= 516 rs.I think u have bought the modem for outright purchase.So thats why the bill for u is 1707RS=( 210RS(free usage charge)+516Rs(Extra usage charges)+Modem charges(i guess u bought outright purchase)+service taxes).If u have any more queries post your comment under the respective blog post so that its useful for others.Here is the link,
        I hope u somewhat get the clear picture abt ur billing problem.

  5. DEV said


  6. vijay said

    ur idea is nice brother………this is vijay

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